Saturday, August 13, 2011

Race Against Time

In the last two weeks we have been racing against time, and I'm here to say that I think we won.  We had a long pre-baby to-do list that included chores and fun, and let me tell ya that aside from a walk to get a decaf latte' on Monday morning, those suckers are checked and done.  So listen up little one, anytime.  Anytime.

With that said, I'm beginning to feel the anxiety of the unknown slowly creeping in.  Sure, sleepless nights are due to being uncomfortable with a basketball under your p.j.'s, the achey hips, and bathroom breaks every few hours, but there's also the never-ending stream of thoughts that take over.  I'm remembering how much I actually don't remember from the first 6 months or so after Roman's birth.  That's kind of a scary thought!  I love that little boy to pieces, but the blur of everything... oh boy!  Fortunately, I have an awesome partner by my side.  If only I could get him to lactate.

Moving on.  At the end of July we celebrated Cindy's 60th birthday at our house.  None of us were actually sure if it was a surprise party or not, but in the end she acted very surprised and I think felt very loved by her friends and family.  Here are a few pictures of the day:

The party got a little rowdy for this guy- clothes were optional

Awesome cake made by my sister-in-law Jackie

The after 9pm crowd...age may possibly be creeping in friends

post-party tickles courtesy of Papa

Next on our to-do list was a day at the Museum of Flight.  It just so happened that the Blue Angels were doing their practice flights while they were based there for the week.  Roman and Jason were equally thrilled as it was loud, and involved fast planes and food.  

watching the Blue Angels take off in the morning

Jason's grandpa flew this model of airplane in the military

I would like to say to everyone out there- you're all liars.  This entire pregnancy people have been telling me that I look so great and that I'm all belly.  Uh, you not see the baby growing in my butt?

watching the Blue Angels take off in the afternoon.  We're close to melt-down here as a nap is overdue.  

sweet relief

Because Jason is awesome and held true to his word of holding off any unnecessary projects after August 1st, we snuck in another day trip.  This time we went to Alki in Seattle.  I had gone once in high school, but Jason had never been, and this was Roman's first time to the beach.  Roman started out very skeptical of the sand and practically climbed my leg to be held when his bare feet touched it the first time.  5 minutes later, we knew we should just settle in because this kid wasn't about to leave this giant sandbox.  

my nonexistent lap on the ride up there

sneaking in a nap on the way up

view from our parking spot approx. 2 miles from the actual beach.  Really awesome walk if both of you have to use the bathroom.

38 weeks

what the heck is this stuff??

that was an awesome diaper change

Overall, this was one of the most memorable family days we've had in a long time.  I may not have grown up at the beach, but living by the Bay has always been a constant and a comfort.  While I love our town, the only thing that I miss is that immediate access to a large body of water.  I'm looking forward to another day there as a family of four!

Last Saturday Jason and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary.  We actually milked this one for all it was worth by going to Alki on our anniversary, seeing a movie the evening before, and spending almost 3 toddler-free days together eating out, running errands, eating out, seeing movies, and eating out.  While we missed our little guy so much, we quickly realized that we could not only sleep in, but wake up watching a movie and drinking coffee and eat like a hobbit (the hobbit being me.  First breakfast, second breakfast, snack, third breakfast, lunch...).  Each anniversary has been so wonderful and I love having time with just Jason to reflect and tell each other how much we love and appreciate one another.  I'm so thankful that we found each other and that he loves me!!  What a blessing to marry your best friend.  

39 weeks

One of our wedding presents was a gift certificate to Jak's  that we used on our first anniversary.  Since then, we've gone every year for our anniversary and are never disappointed.  If you've yet to try it out, plan an outing because it's wonderful!  

I think that about does it.  The next post you see will have a sweet little baby in it!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a wonderful week!



  1. Great entry! Good luck to with the new arrival when he or she arrives. You'll be surprised how quickly all those forgot newborn skills come racing back.

    The Museum of Flight and Alki are both favorites for us too. Definitely Stella approved. Didn't realize that Jason's Grandfather was also a pilot in WWII.

    And, happy 6th Anniversary!
    Look forward to getting together with you all soon!

  2. Love you two and all that you've accomplished these past couple of weeks. Way to make the very most of it and each other. Happy Anniversary!

    We're heading to the cabin tonight and will be out of cell range but will be anxiously looking forward to calling on Sunday to hear your big news. Will be thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow and so excited to meet this new babe!