Sunday, October 16, 2011

All Things Fall

Fall is hands-down my favorite time of year.  The crispness in the air, the first snowfall on the hills skirting our little town, the bundled walks with my family, the anticipation of holidays to come, and of course, the food.   Apple pies and pumpkin cookies just beg to be made.  And I give in.  Happily.  

I, of course, forgot to take a picture of the finished pie before we dug in, but I did remember to take a few pictures of the process.

 I was super excited to try out this recipe, because who wouldn't want to eat a caramel apple pie?  Well, why the pie smelled, and looked was ok.  Jason really enjoyed it, but it just wasn't caramely enough for me.  If I were to do it again, I would use real caramel squares, and I would mix it in with the apples rather than just putting them on top before the crust.  Or... I would double the toffee bits (use 2 bags) and incorporate.  A little disappointing, but I think there's definitely potential.

Pumpkin Cookies
These little guys - amazing.  They've become a staple in our house ( wonder the baby weight is still hangin' on), and come fall I stock up on cans of pumpkin just so I can make them through the winter.  


Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Preheat oven to 350
Bake 10-14 minutes (12 minutes is what I do...perfect!)

1cup butter (melted)
1cup sugar
1 egg
2tsp vanilla
1 cup canned pumpkin

mix these ingredients well and then add:

2cups flour
1tsp. baking powder
1tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. salt
1tsp. cinnamon

mix well, and drop dough onto lightly greased sheet

bake, let cool

spread cream cheese frosting on top (I just use store bought)
sprinkle with cinnamon

*recipe can be doubled easily!

This summer Jason made these mason jar votives for me and we hung them from the beams of our awning in our back yard.  My friend Emily asked me if I would do a tutorial on how we made them (about 2 months ago, sorry Em!), and I'm finally following through.  I should say, I'm sort-of following through.  Here's the link to the tutorial I used...lazy, I know.  In the tutorial they used a twine covered wire, while we used industrial strength wire Jason had in his shop.  He wrapped them around the neck of the jar, and used a tool to pull it taught and twist the wire making a loop on the other side and securing the wire to it for hanging.  I bought some black chain at Home Depot and we hung them at different lengths.  Insert candles, and you have a fun, and romantic candle-lit backyard!

we had a few extra and hung them above our table as well

The boys:
Like I said, I love fall, but my favorite thing about fall?  Having a baby in the house again.  There is nothing better than having a sweet little cooing, smiling, chubby, snuggly, happy baby in the house!

He is seriously melting my heart more and more each day!  Love, love, love this little boy.

Roman is changing every day.  He's grown so much in the last month or so, that I no longer have to roll his little jeans, and we've exchanged one size of shoe for the next size up.  He's also talking so much more.  It's so fun to hear his little thoughts out loud, and to hear him mimicking the things we say...I should say, it's interesting to hear what we sound like out loud.  For example, this was our daily interaction for a loooong time:  Roman - "MOM!" (from the other room)  Me: "yes?"  Roman: "MOM!!"  Me: "yea?"  Roman: "MOM!!!"  Me: "What?!"  and now this is what happens:   Me- "Roman?"  Roman: "WHAT?!!"  I should have seen that coming.
How is it that he's so big?  Where did my little baby go, and who is this little boy?

I'd be lying if I said this surprised me.

This is the cutest dog costume for Halloween, and this is all you're gonna get.  Brother was NOT into it.

He also didn't appreciate that we were laughing hysterically while he cried.  We're mean.

My boys

I love how much Jason loves his little boys!  I'll keep him.

Secret blog updating nourishment.  

My biggest little boy just woke up from his nap, which means Jason and Dylan are about to wake up from their nap on the couch too.  I hope you're enjoying this cozy fall day with the ones you love!  


  1. Great post Charity, but I don't understand why Roman isn't thrilled about dressing up as Murray for Halloween? I laughed out loud - guess I'm mean too! I love you pumpkin cookies, the pie looks amazing, and I'm going to see if Curtis will help me create some Mason jar ambiance on our deck. Keep the pictures and posts coming, I love them!

  2. Aww that is an adorable costume! And Roman is cute even when he's crying in it. Happy fall Charity!

  3. Ha! Those costume pictures had my laughing. We need to get together with you all, and introduce Otto and Dylan to each other soon!

  4. LOVE this! Can't wait to bake the cookies. I haven't thought about adding carmel to an apple pie - what a GRAND idea!